Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Latin Institute - DAY 25

Day 25 was yesterday, July 16, 2012.

First day of the second half of the program. The second half of the program, five weeks, is like the second year of college Latin. The first 10 days are like the first semester. The prose survey. Mornings: Cicero's first oration against Catiline for one week, Sallust's account of the Catilinarian conspiracy for another. In the afternoons, a prose survey (Ennius, Cato, Livy, Petronius).

Yesterday, Day 25, our students were reading all of their prose at sight, and doing an excellent job. After the instructional day, they broke up into groups, as usual, to start preparing the following day's assigned reading. We faculty members were in our offices to answer their questions, as usual. Questions were asked; answers were given. I find that sometimes what gets in a student's way is thinking that something is more complicated than it really is or more difficult than it needs to be. They know most of the answers. They just don't know they know, or cannot believe they already have the tools they need to build this house. But they do. They'll figure it out. They're a smart bunch.

More soon... 

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