Saturday, July 14, 2012

Advocating for Public Education in Indiana

Yes, I teach college and graduate students; but I care about all education, including K-12, and I am concerned about the pernicious education policies currently being pursued by the federal government and many state governments, including privatization, increased reliance on standardized tests, and use of standardized test scores to evaluate schools and teachers and to make decisions about who stays and who goes.  That's why I follow Diane Ravitch's blog, among others (see my links list).

On a recent post on Diane Ravitch's blog, I learned about a group of parents and educators in Northeast Indiana that has drafted a statement in opposition to the policies of Governor Mitch Daniels and State Superintendent Tony Bennett. The statement not only expresses opposition to these harmful policies; it also offers a platform advocating measures to save public education in the state of Indiana. Diane Ravitch recommends helping this statement go viral, as a recent anti-high-stakes testing resolution in Texas has gone viral. So I'm doing my part, here on Pedagogishness, to join with my friends, neighbors, and fellow educators to awaken the American public to support good education policies that strengthen our public schools and our democracy.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. All of us at Northeast Indiana Friends of Public Education (NEIFPE) appreciate your helping to spread the word.