Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Latin Institute - DAY 18

Day 18 was yesterday, July 5, 2012.

Back from a one-day Independence Day holiday.

I was "on" for both hours of morning drill, optional lunchtime sight reading, and afternoon poetry. We read Catullus 5 and 7, two of the most iconic poems in all of Latin literature, IMHO.

Grammar wise, it was a day for cum clauses, other ways of saying "when, since, although" with either indicative or subjunctive, clauses of proviso, and the accusative of exclamation (ō tempora, ō mōrēs!).

I had a great Fourth of July holiday. Went for my run. Ended my run at my favorite local cafe for an iced Americano and toasted sesame bagel with cream cheese. Had a relatively quiet and relaxing day. Visited a couple of new wine and liquor stores in my Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood on Franklin Avenue and Bedford Avenue. Noted that a few new bars and restaurants are on the way. It's pretty awesome. The neighborhood is finally becoming what we (Jason and I) always wanted it to be. Home and commercial construction has picked up its pace, too. It feels like the East Village around 1990. Of course, I moved to the East Village back then, but I was a bit late in arriving and did not really belong in that ambiance at that time. Now, I feel like I am in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. I'm happy.

More soon... 

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